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The Aeronauts: TRAVELS IN THE AIR by James Glaisher

The Aeronauts: TRAVELS IN THE AIR by James Glaisher

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In 1862, ambitious scientist James Glaisher set out to do the impossible: ascend higher into the skies than ever before. A pioneer of weather forecasting and of photography, he wanted to take ground-breaking research measurements from different altitudes.

On 5th September, along with experienced balloonist Henry Coxwell as his pilot, he undertook what is now viewed as one of the greatest daredevil stories in the history of aviation. Rising above the town of Wolverhampton, their hot air balloon peaked at a remarkable height of 37,000 feet (7 miles or 11km), almost killing the two men who experienced blurred vision, loss of motor function and eventually, unconsciousness. It was a miracle they survived to tell the tale.

Written in his own words, The Aeronauts chronicles Glaisher’s incredible flights and discoveries first hand, as well as his observations on those pioneers who came before and inspired him. His death-defying journey forms the story of the forthcoming major motion picture The Aeronauts starring Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones.

With an introduction by Professor Liz Bentley, Chief Executive at the Royal Meteorological Society, of which Glaisher was a founding member in 1850.